The harbor is located just South of Winneconne, WI on the Wolf River between Lake Winneconne and Lake Butte Des Mortes. This waterway is part of the Lake Winnebago watershed system in central Wisconsin. The area has flourished into a great vacation and holiday area with many places to visit by water and spend time.Where are we?

Wind Pointe Harbor

 Spring 2015 is just about here!! Spring News Letter can be found here: WPH News



Check out the link below of a YouTube video of the Canadian National Railroad bridge being put in place. It is a 30 minute video that was broadcast on local cable TV in Oshkosh.

In the middle they show it being put in place. Towards the 3/4 mark you can see trains going over it. Then at the end you can see it open/close and a few boats pass under.


Oshkosh Railroad Bridge





 Tim and Kathy found this awesome video clip on the web and I thought I would share! This is really neat to see. You can catch parts of the old Fin-n-Feather and the Winneconne bridge in here too.

Click here and this should pop up in a new window to watch.



 Got an email from a gentleman from the Port Defender Secure Network website with some links that I would like to share. They are posted under the links area on our site here, but here they are as well.
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