The harbor is located just South of Winneconne, WI on the Wolf River between Lake Winneconne and Lake Butte Des Mortes. This waterway is part of the Lake Winnebago watershed system in central Wisconsin. The area has flourished into a great vacation and holiday area with many places to visit by water and spend time.Where are we?

Wind Pointe Harbor

 Hey all,

Getting closer to Spring 2016 boat launches, though wish it would actually warm up... Electricity is on to the slips. Water will have to wait until the ground thaws (and it stops snowing randomly). A couple of reminders that were emailed out to everyone, but here they are again.

  1. If you are planning on doing any deck staining this season
    • Per our current Rules & Regulations, 4.1, “Decks shall be stained or sealed with a clear stain or sealer only. Any variation to the pigment of the clear sealer must be approved by BOD prior to application…”
    • If you are planning on using a stain with color, prior to purchasing, submit a sample of the color to the board for approval
  2. The cost for bags of ice is going up this season to $2 per bag beginning today
    • This is to cover the rising cost of ice supplied to our harbor
    • This is also to cover the shortages we are experiencing from people not paying for the bags of ice they are taking
  3. Prior to launching your boat this Spring, all Lift Operators will be asking for proof of current WI DNR registration/license stickers or proof of renewal. No boat will be launched without current or proof of current registration. If a boat is launched without current registration, both the owner and lift operator may be fined.
    • Note: The WI DNR is currently upgrading their computer system and mailed out renewal notifications for this year last week. If you have sent in your renewals, present the top portion of the form as your registration. Per the DNR, this portion of the registration is to also be kept on board your vessel until your replacement stickers arrive.
    • This is also a good time for you to send your updated Certificate of Insurance to Tina if you haven't already.
  4. Finally, if you are disposing of your shrink wrap, our garbage collection company has asked that you break down the wrap and bundle them up into smaller packages and left inside the gate where the fall garbage cans are usually kept.
    • This makes is easier on the garbage collection and prevents the shrink wrap from getting caught in the wind and blown away.
    • Please do not roll it up into one large ball and leave it sitting out for someone else to take care of for you.

Reminder, the annual harbor meeting will be held on Saturday, May 28th, 2016, at 10 AM at the Fin-n-Feather (up stairs). A mailing will go out early May for this as well. 

See you around the harbor soon!